Below, read stories and case studies spanning my work in Internet Manufacturing. I love designing and building things for getting stuff done: tools for makers, teachers, designers, and engineers. Across projects big and small, I always strive to design systems and experiences that help users kick ass at things they care about.

Building the Blueprint design system

The chance to build a design system as a fully-resourced project as opposed to a side hustle was an opportunity I had to take! Creating tools and assets that could be used across React-powered web, React Native mobile, and even straight HTML/ERB views was an excercise in building for new users: designers and engineers. Read more about our customer-obsessed approach.

Housing lease-up process

A move back to the public sector offered an opportunity to build with San Francisco Digital Services and their Housing team. Research-driven simple moves led to real improvements for a complex process involving city staff and the private sector. Get the whole story.

Degree Programs
Case Study

Supporting one of Coursera’s biggest bets, online degree programs, was a long game. From vision to shipped product, the team and I managed to “skate to where the puck was going.” In doing so, we managed to design within and around tech and UX debt, and ultimately paid it off. Read more about how we made it happen.

Tunnel Vision
Case Study

The design and evolution of a list-and-details pattern that worked well for the many needs of Coursera’s university admins and authors was a key win for our team and for our users. Learn how we did it.

Mobile App Redesign

Redesigning Android and iOS apps from the ground up for this popular STEM-focused higher education Q&A tool relied on research-driven iteration to deliver measurable success. Check out the full story.

Product Design

Neighborland (acquired by Nextdoor in 2019) was a civic engagement tool designed to give government agencies, developers, and civic organizations a way to engage with the public in an accessible and equitable way. Being their design and front-end lead at the very beginning was a great ride—come along.

UC Berkeley
Design and development for language instruction

Working for UC Berkeley’s Berkeley Language Center, I worked as a designer and full-stack developer. With the BLC’s Associate Director, I designed and built tooling to cut, tag, and distribute foreign language film clips via the web. This jack-of-all-trades role proved to be a great foundation for the future—dig into it.


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